Gotham City Research LLC focuses on due diligence-based investing. As of the publication date of our articles, we may have long or short equity positions in the companies covered. Gotham City Research LLC is not affiliated or associated with Gotham Asset Management, LLC or any of its affiliates.




  1. are your findings real?
    Surely if you have a vested interest in a company then your findings could be bias? Conflict of interest maybe?

  2. A bunch of jackasses releasing studies full of print screens to make it look longer, published on scribd, and hosted on a wordpress website in arial font…

  3. What kind of report has no signature of the analyst? What kind of research firm does not disclose any employee information on its website? How can people believe the reports if there is no official data and source?

    1. Ya may gently eat up your words now, in the view of the latests revelations to the case… 😉

  4. who will your next report relate to? Apparently your research is more accurate than MAB’s…

  5. Congrats, very good job. As you say, for the truth, justice , integrity and honesty.
    I would be glad to get all of your future research

  6. Well done guys. This is the beauty of Capitalism. Making money out of exposing fraudsters. This is what some good journalists do, isn’ t it?. To expose this scam is a moral duty. Congratulations if you were able to make money along…. and please keep hitting hard. Best wishes from Spain.

  7. Your website is a complete joke, you haven’t even changed the favicon you idiots! I know of 14 year old kids that can make a website better than this and yet you claim to be an all knowing when it comes to something as complicated as stock manipulation. Your ‘research’ or as we call it ‘attempts at stock manipulation’ is a joke I cannot believe anyone with an education would or could possibly take this seriously. You are crooks who make money from crashing stocks. Fact.

    1. I think what is a joke is your comment..

      Let me guess. You are The CEO of Lets Gowex and I claim my $5.

      Another BTFATH loser here

  8. I bet a couple of JBCapitalMarkets analysts are walking their boxes out of the office… shame on them!

  9. Please guys, do one on Societe Generale.
    Now possibly the most fraudulent bank in the world
    I will front you $50,000 just to get you started .

    As for the trolls and shills of the crony capitalists and fraudsters who are making comments on here, I just hope they get burned alongside thier criminally corrupt friends they appear to be supporting.

    Fantastic job on both Quindell, Still run by serial criminals and fraudsters, and shutting Gowex down.

  10. A lot of respect for how you’ve handled this short. I read about it from an email subscription Whitney Tilson. You are one of the rare investors net overall actually adds a lot of value back to society, along with the activists and owner-operators.

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